Colorverse Aurora Borealis Special Edition Mixable Fountain Pen Ink

In the universe of fountain pen ink, Colorverse is a pioneer in creating a vast selection of colors with a strong astronomy theme. The colors are as exciting as their celestial names - Morning Star, Saturn V, Gravity Wave, Supernova, and First Moon Landing, to name a few.

Several months ago, our friends at Luxury Brands - distributors of Colorverse, Noodler's Ink, Platinum, and inventors of the Ink Miser, reached out to us with an offer to craft our own retailer-exclusive Colorverse Ink. At that point, we noticed a couple of our competitors also released their own Colorverse ink. We could have said, "me too," picked a couple of appealing colors, and called it a day. But, we needed to be different.

Colorverse is unique in the way they conceptualize the packaging and marketing of their ink. Instead of offering one bottle of 30ml to 50ml of ink, most of their colors are realized in a 2-pack of 65ml and 15ml sized bottles. When Colorverse first introduced their Season 1 and 2 sets of colors, both bottles contained the same color. Now, most new sets contain two different colors that belong to the same theme.

Taking inspiration from the ombre (gradient) style that made the Pilot Vanishing Point Twilight & Crimson Sunrise so popular, we requested for the two colors to be mixable, creating a range of hues. Surprisingly, Colorverse had yet to name an ink after the Aurora Borealis, so we jumped on the opportunity to create a product that fits well within the brand.

Colorverse Aurora Borealis Special Edition Mixable Fountain Pen Ink 

The concept of the Aurora Borealis ink set mirrors the physics behind the light display. Solar Wind (65ml bottle) is a light, turquoise blue color. Once it meets with the dark violet Magnetosphere (15ml bottle) ink, a new spectacular color is born. Magnetosphere is extremely dark and saturated, so very little of it is required to turn the mixture toward a purple color. Conversely, Solar Wind is undersaturated and light, so you would have to use a significantly higher volume of ink to keep the result in the blue family.

When we received the prototype, we tested out a few combinations and noted the ratios of the results. If the ratio of Magnetosphere to Solar Wind was about 1-to-10 or 1-to-15, it resulted in a royal blue. If the mixture was higher than 20% concentration of Magnetosphere, it resulted in purplish ink color. And, of course, we sampled each color straight up as the control part of our experiment.

The Colorverse x Goldspot Pens Aurora Borealis special edition is not a limited edition. Once Goldspot sells through the initial quantity, we may decide to continue stocking it with another batch. What colors would you like to see in this series? Let us know in the comments below.

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