The 8 Best Everyday Carry Pens for Every Budget

You're the type of person who's prepared for anything, and so are your pockets when you leave the house. Your EDC, or everyday carry, keeps you organized, resourceful, and gives you a reputation for being a human Swiss-army knife. But your EDC goes far beyond keys, wallet, and phone. You're the one with a pocket knife, flashlight, or multi-tool at the ready. Even with a smorgasbord of items that make life easier, your collection is incomplete without an EDC fountain pen.

This is the pen you toss in your briefcase, pop in your bag, or keep in your pocket for easy use. Whether you're signing forms, taking notes, or just brainstorming in a journal, your ideal writing tool will never fail you. We advise our pen pals to carry two pens, a cheap EDC pen that can be loaned out (and let's be honest, likely not returned), and another good EDC pen only for you. Today, we're sharing our best EDC pens to put to paper whenever you want, wherever you are.

If you're on the hunt for your best everyday carry pen, the ones we mention below will help narrow your search.

Our Quick Picks

1.     Kaweco Sport

2.     Fisher Space Pen

3.     Lamy Pico

4.     Parker Jotter

5.     Kaweco Liliput

6.     Pilot Precise

7.     Esterbrook JR

8.     Retro 1951 Tornado

The Best EDC Pens

Like everything else in your EDC collection, the best EDC pen should make your life easier. When you need to jot something down quickly, a smartphone with one percent battery with a notepad app that keeps crashing just won't cut the mustard. Your best EDC pen will be durable, reliable, and pocket-friendly. Whether you're taking meeting minutes or addressing an envelope at the post office, keeping a smooth action pen on-hand is the reliable way to go about your day.

Let's take a look at the specifications of our everyday carry pen picks and discover the best pen for you.

Kaweco Sport

Styles: Colorful resins (Classic or Skyline Sport), solid metal, anodized aluminum (AL-Sport), distressed aluminum, solid brass, and more!

Weight: 0.03oz / 8.5g (Classic or Skyline Sport), to 1.6oz / 45.3g (Bronze Sport)

Pen Length: 4.17 in / 106mm closed

Material: Plastic (Classic or Skyline Sport), Aluminum (AL-Sport), Stainless steel (Steel Sport), Raw brass, and Bronze

Writing modes: Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Ballpoint Pen, and Mechanical Pencil

Prices: starting at $20 to $200

Kaweco Sport pens are famous for their timeless, compact design. Following the German Bauhaus design philosophy of "form follows function," the Sport has a minimalist style that serves its purpose of being a pocket-friendly, on-the-go writing instrument.

The Sport fountain pen's stainless steel nib is outfitted with a plastic feed and comes in a variety of tip sizes to match your handwriting style. If you're not into fountain pens, Kaweco offers most styles of the Sport in rollerball, ballpoint, or mechanical pencil modes. Jot down your thoughts, experiences, and ideas anywhere and everywhere.

To start writing with your pocket-friendly Kaweco fountain pen, pop in the included cartridge filling mechanism or fill it with bottled ink using a Sport piston converter (sold separately). For maximum ink capacity, the resin-based pen designs (Sport Classic and Skyline) can be converted to eyedropper ink directly into the barrel.

Fisher Space Pen Bullet

Styles: Over 25 finishes including lacquered metal, titanium nitride, brushed chrome, raw brass, and more!

Weight: 0.7oz / 19.8g

Pen Length: 3.7 in. / 93.98mm closed

Material: Metal body with various finishes

Writing modes: Ballpoint pen with pressurized Fisher Space Pen cartridge

Prices: $28.90 to $63.75


Yep, everything you've heard about the infamous Fisher Space Pen is true. It can write upside down, underwater, and in hot and cold temperatures thanks to its pressurized refill. No wonder it's the best EDC pen for astronauts in zero gravity! Cited as an outstanding example of industrial art, the Fisher Space Pen has been exhibited for years in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Its timeless design has been marveled at via many art books and magazines.

Fisher Space Pens with raw brass or copper finishes will develop a unique patina over time based on your body chemistry and environment. Simply polish it to restore its original look. This EDC pen can be used in almost any condition, as it's extremely reliable and virtually bulletproof. The affordable price is the cherry on top. Often imitated but never duplicated, the Fisher Space Bullet remains one of our most popular ballpoint pens.

Lamy Pico

Styles: Available in Neon Lime, Neon Green, Imperial Blue, Orange, Chrome, Black, White and Rose Gold

Weight: 0.72 oz. / 20.5g

Pen Length: 3.66 in. / 93mm closed

Material: Plastic

Writing Modes: Retractable ballpoint pen only.

Prices: Starting at $39.20


Small, neat and convenient, the Lamy Pico ballpoint pen puts conventional ballpoint pens in the shade. This innovative writing instrument is ready for writing with a single click. A second click and it's ready for your backpack, carry-on or wallet.

The easy, one-push mechanism transforms this innovative writing instrument into a full-sized pen. While it doesn’t have a clip, it does have a roll-stop to prevent it from rolling off your chosen writing surface. If you're a frequent traveler, the Lamy Pico can become your versatile click pen companion in the sky or on the ground.

Parker Jotter

Styles: Available in a variety of colors including Matte Black, Blue, Chelsea Orange, Monochrome Gold, Matte Gray, signature pastel colors and more.

Weight: 0.3oz / 8.5g

Pen Length: 5.08 in. / 129mm Closed

Material: Stainless steel and plastic or lacquered metal.

Writing Modes: Click-top retractable ballpoint pen and fountain pen.

Prices: Starting at $8.95

A time-tested and iconic design, the Parker Jotter is a great pen available in a plethora of beautiful finishes. While the Parker fountain pen is the natural pick for fountain pen enthusiasts, the ballpoint pen reigns as the classic choice in this collection.

Goldspot's upgraded line of Parker Jotter pens feature a stainless steel clip and signature Jotter 'click' sound. With quality and craftsmanship honed over sixty years, the Jotter is an authentic design icon for everyday carry. With its distinctive silhouette and strategically selected hues and tonalities, you're sure to find one that fits your personality.

Kaweco Liliput

Styles: Available in a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass.

Weight: varies depending on the metal, 0.31 oz. / 9g (Aluminum) to 0.88 oz. / 25g (Copper)

Fountain Pen Length: 3.8 in. / 96.6mm Closed

Material: solid, metal body and cap

Writing Modes: Fountain pens or ballpoint pens

Prices: Starting at $50 to $170

The first Kaweco Liliput fountain pen was made of ebonite in 1910. The modern Liliput is considered to be the smallest member of Kaweco's fountain pen family, using a standard international ink cartridge and steel nib. Threading on the end of the barrel allows the cap to be screwed on securely, resulting in a comfortable, full-sized length when in use.

The unassuming, minimalist pen design is simple and to the point - its purpose is to be a daily writing companion. The Liliput's size is easy to stash in your pocket. Its solid construction ensures this pen is prepared to perform when you need it most. If carrying a fountain pen isn't your forte, the Liliput is also offered as a ballpoint pen.

Pilot Precise

Styles: Available in a variety of assorted colors and sets including red, green, purple, black and blue.

Weight: 0.2oz / 5.7g

Pen Length: 5.35 in. / 136mm

Material: Plastic with metal clip.

Writing Modes: Gel ink rolling ball

Prices: Starting at $2.30

This is the pen for people who appreciate a quality writing instrument at a very affordable price. The unique gel ink formula of the Pilot Precise V5 and V7 rolling ball pen provides a smooth writing experience from tip to paper. Patented Precision Point Technology ensures skip-free strokes in this trusty everyday carry pen.

The visible gel ink supply lets you know how much you have left from first word to last. At such an affordable price point, this is the EDC pen you can rest easy letting a friend borrow.

Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen

Styles: Available in a variety of colors including Capri Blue, Orange Sunset, Pumpkin Latte, Blue Breeze, Lemon Twist, Key Lime, Tuxedo Black and more.

Weight: 0.5 oz / 14.17g

Pen Length: 5.0 in / 127mm Closed

Material: Turned acrylic barrel and cap

Writing Modes: Fountain pen only

Prices: Starting at $175


Coined as the next evolution of the classic "J" series made for the modern writer, the Esterbrook JR is a new take on the small yet sturdy pocket fountain pen. The "J" was the original Esterbrook's sleek and suave 1940s and 50s pocket pen that appealed to the practicality of the times. Classic yet versatile, it was the perfect pen for both men and women and still is today.

The new "JR" model, introduced as part of a brand revival, is stylish without being too fancy. With its no-fuss, minimalist design and screw on cap, it is compact in size so you can always have one on hand in your jeans or shirt pocket. With a comfortable ergonomic grip and good weight, you'll want to reach for this convenient carry pen for your morning pages.

Retro 1951 Tornado

Styles: Available in a wide array of finishes including lacquered metal, silkscreened printed graphics, acid-etched, copper, brass, stainless steel, acrylic, and stonewashed metal.

Weight: 1.0 oz / 28g

Pen Length: 5.0 in / 125mm

Material: Stainless steel body with various finishes

Writing Modes: Retractable rollerball, mechanical pencil, and fountain pen.

Prices: Starting at $24 to $145

If you're the type of writer who likes to make a statement, look no further than this bad boy. The stainless steel body and knurl twist top with a German refill bring exceptional quality. Whimsical designs and colors make this classic rollerball pen a delight to write with, many of which are exclusive to Goldspot Pens. Stay focused and productive with stimulating patterns that match your personality.

The Retro 1951 Tornado takes rollerball refills but can be adapted to Parker-style ballpoint conversion if you choose. Each of these EDC pens comes with matching commemorative graphic tube packaging, making a great gift for yourself or a friend. Some Tornado styles are also available in a matching twist-action mechanical pencil or fountain pen with a stainless steel nib.

What Makes a Great EDC Pen?

As an everyday carry person, you're no stranger to self-reliance. The best EDC pens aren't expensive or luxurious; they're as dependable as you are. Quick and convenient to use, they're also tough enough to implement as a self defense tool if necessary.

Here are the components you should consider when shopping for an EDC fountain pen to add to your daily gear.

Quality & Construction

How your pen is constructed will reflect your satisfaction with it. As your go-to for scribbling notes or signatures, you need a fine pen tip with simple yet sturdy barrel design. Our EDC pens at Goldspot strike a good balance between size, shape and grip and remain reliable stroke after stroke.

Size and Shape

Unsharpen lists the average length of a retracted pen at 5.49 inches, or 13.94 centimeters. Your best everyday carry pen should be slightly shorter so it can easily be slipped into a pocket, bag, or glovebox. Every EDC pen you'll find through us at Goldspot is between 3.6-5 inches long with the cap closed, perfectly pocket-sized for carrying on-the-go. The right one for you will depend on how big your hands are and how you hold your pen to write. Your best EDC pen will have a slender yet compact design that is practical without skimping on performance.


A great EDC pen is affordable enough that you can lose it, sturdy enough to survive a trip through the washing machine, and solid enough that it can be used as a tactical pen or defense tool. Unlike your smartphone, the best pocket pro will never fail you because it doesn't have a battery, will never be outdated, and is always within arm's reach. Depending on the series, our EDC pens here at Goldspot are made from metal, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium construction. Durable materials make for reliable writing sessions no matter where you are.


We won't mince words; the best EDC pens are always going to be more costly than generic writing pens that you toss when the ink runs dry. However, EDC pens are available at every price point, so you'd be hard-pressed not to find one within your budget. At Goldspot, you'll find everyday carry pens starting at $10 and under. Pens with limited refill types and heavier materials can be found on the more affordable end. On the higher end, you'll find pens with lightweight construction and more refill compatibilities. Depending on your wallet, weighing the importance of these aspects will help make your decision on the best EDC pen for you.

The Best of Both Worlds

When technology fails, as it sometimes does, a robust EDC pen is ready to get to work. When reliability meets versatility, you get a pen that will go the distance in style, rain or shine. If you're known as Mr. Gadget with your everyday carry items, we hope this post helps you round out your gear with the best EDC pen.

The Kaweco Sport Pen, as well as the other pens we listed, all have the key features you'd want from a high-quality EDC pen. Our best recommendations for EDC pens all rate highly in terms of portability, convenience, durability, and an approachable price point. We hope some of these pens make their way into your everyday carry. Feel free to tag @goldspotpens on any social media platform to share your EDC pocket/bag dump with your favorite pens.

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