Because Anything Less Than a MontBlanc Won't Do

Because Anything Less Than a MontBlanc Wont Do
Over at our sister site,, we pride ourselves in being able to offer compatible refills for all the most popular fine pens, including proprietary makers like Lamy, Parker, and Caran d'Ache, etc. Since the site was launched in 2010, we have offered Monteverde for MontBlanc refills that are compatible with the standard-size MontbBlanc ballpoint and rollerball. With a combination of volume discounting and a lower price point, MontBlanc pen owners could get a refill for their pen at about 40% less than buying a MontBlanc-brand refill. This makes Monteverde refills an excellent option for those looking for MontBlanc pen alternatives, offering a way to enjoy the luxury of a fine writing instrument without the high cost of branded refills.

But a lower price isn't enough for some MontBlanc owners.
Because Anything Less Than a MontBlanc Wont Do

One reason why is the MontBlanc LeGrand sized pen. The standard size rollerball does not fit the LeGrand. Our thoughts were, if you're going to have a website where people can find refills for their pens, you should probably have all of the popular favorites. We would get e-mails every week from customers looking for the LeGrand or ordering the standard size rollerballs, hoping it would fit. Since Monteverde has yet to produce a LeGrand version of the rollerball refill, we opted to expand our selection with the genuine article.

But it doesn't stop with the LeGrand, RefillFinder also carries MontBlanc bottled inks, fountain pen ink cartridges, document marker, fineliner and pencil leads. All refills are made in Germany and have the indicated "Sell By" dates to guarantee ink freshness. And who doesn't love fresh ink?

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