Visconti Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen in Lava Black with Bronze Trim - 1.3mm Stub

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The Visconti Homo Sapiens with Stub Nib is the first pen ever to be forged from volcanic lava from Mt. Etna in Sicily Italy. The unique lava material has a high degree of resilience, it is virtually unbreakable. heat resistant to over 100 degrees celsius, slightly hygroscopic - absorbs hand sweat during use, and is dense to the touch. Each pen features solid bronze trim. The fountain pen nib is made of exclusive18ct gold and is available in extra-fine fine medium broad extra-broad and 1.3mm stub. The fountain pen uses a power filler which uses only bottled ink and has an extremely high capacity. Weight: 1.6 oz., Length: 5.75 in., Diameter ( at largest): .562 in., Length open: 5.6 in., Length posted: 6.75 in.