Stipula Israel 65 Limited Edition Fine Point Fountain Pen

Stipula Israel 65 Limited Edition Fine Point Fountain Pen
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Stipula Israel 65 Limited Edition Fine Point Fountain Pen - ST60002 Each pen is hand crafted in Florence Italy by Stipula's skilled artisans. The colors of the Israeli flag are evoked in the hand turned Italian resins in the form of a blue mottled cap and solid white barrel. The hand cast clip and rings tell a story of peace- the true inspiration for creating this limited edition series. An olive france adorns the sculptured matte silver clip. The engraved background of the center band depicts the sacred Wailing Wall long believed to be the sole remains of the Second Temple which stood in Jerusalem for hundreds of years over 2000 years ago. On the front of the band is the Israel 65 logo incorporating the seven-branched Menorah symbolizing the seven days of Creation. On the back of the band is the Hebrew word Shalom meaning Peace in English. In Hebrew however the meaning of the word goes far beyond peace. It is used as both a greeting and farewell and consistent with the Hebrew language also conveys intent and emotion. Thus in one simple word lays a philosophy a way of life one of harmony well-being and contentment; Complete peace.

With this commemorative limited edition Yafa and Stipula have collaborated to evoke these ideals in something collectible that can be held and treasured a fine writing instrument that can help bring our fines ideas to life as has been done for centuries; From pen to paper.

It is said the pen is mightier than the sword and in keeping with that spirit; Yafa will donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale to organizations dedicated to the advancement of World Peace.