Porsche Design P3135 Solid Fountain Pen - Gold Edition - Medium Point

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The P3135 Solid fountain pen is the most unique design collaboration between Porsche Design and Pelikan. The pen becomes an art object with a striking, streamlined silhouette milled from a piece of solid titanium and finished with a gleaming gold PVD finish. The uninterrupted, tapered profile has a highly-polished finish and ample weight in hand.

Technically, there is no cap to this pen. The entire P3135 Solid fountain pen is stored in a gold-colored aluminum tube with a screw off lid. The outer case has the Porsche Design logo and a roll-stop built into the cylindrical form. To keep the nib freshly inked between writing sessions, store the pen in this case with the nib upward. The case and pen can stand vertically to adorn your workspace.

The sumptuous 18kt gold nib is partially hooded, yet still maintains an ample size that complements the shape of this pen. To fill the P3135 Solid pen, the cartridge/converter filling mechanism can be accessed from the back-end of the barrel. Push in the button finial that is opposite the writing end. The knob will then protrude from the back. Screw the knob counter-clockwise until the carriage comes free and can be pulled out. An international-style converter is included and installed in the carriage. To fill the pen, the writer must fill the converter directly and then insert it back into the carriage. To do so, open the metal carriage by unscrewing the section in front of the spring mechanism. Remove the cartridge or converter and replace it with a filled cartridge or converter. Insert the carriage back into the pen, screwing clockwise to secure the mechanism.

Porsche Design Solid P3135 Fountain Pen - Gold Specifications

  • Finish: Solid Titanium with scratch-resistant gold PVD finish
  • Included in a gold-colored aluminum case with roll stop
  • Nib: 18kt gold
  • Filling System: Converter/Cartridge (International compatible) Converter is included, cartridges are not.
  • Aluminum Case length: 6.30 in. / 160mm
  • Pen length, open: 5.83 in. / 148mm
  • Pen length, open (Cap posted): Cannot be posted
  • Pen Max Diameter: 0.47 in. / 12mm
  • Pen Grip Section Diameter: 0.47 in. / 12mm
  • Pen Weight (pen only): 1.6oz / 45.3g
  • Made In: Germany
  • Gift Boxed with instruction manual and 2-year manufacturer's warranty