Parker Sonnet Atlas Fountain Pen in Blue Lacquer with Chrome Trim - 18K Medium Point

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The 2018 Parker SonnetSpecial Edition is a collection of unique pens that celebrates something that connects all of us: our curiosity and desire to discover the unknown - a mind set that embodies the intrepid nature of founder George S. Parker.

George's curiosity and passion for travel took him to all corners of the world in pursuit of expanding his trade network butoften stumbled upon something unexpected that inspired many of the iconic designs in its history.

Each pen is inspiredbut the emotional stages we experience when we travel: Challenge, Exploration, and Reflection and bythe whole Journey itself.

The Parker Sonnet Journey Fountain Pen Blue & Silver with Chrome Trim is inspired by the world map. It is infused by the Duofold 2018 Limited Edition design cues, Journey is an ode to travel.

Discover the unchartedwith the Sonnet Special Edition 2018.

  • Barrel base: Stainless Steel
  • Barrel finish: Blue Lacquer + Laser + Translucent Satin Varnish
  • Shell band: Plated Nickel Palladium
  • Shell: Stainless Steel
  • Nib: 18K Plated Rhodium + new stamping
  • Cap base: Sterling Silver
  • Cap finish: Laser + Plated Nickel Palladium
  • Trim: Plated Nickel Palladium
  • Cartridge/Converter (2 cartridges included)