Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Black Cisele Ballpoint Pen
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Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Contort Black Cisele features a contorted square cisele on the cap which shows an authoritive yet stylish design. The Parker Sonnet has been for many years one of their most iconic and contemporary design pens. The model itself is the same, reliable, balanced - yet weighted pen profile that many writers enjoy as an everyday luxury pen.The Parker Sonnet Great Expectations is their revamped version featuring striking detailing on unusual parts and new intricate detailing that has never been seen before and pays tribute to Parker's traditional fine craftsmanship.Each design combines an unconventional color or pattern with the traditional to create a contrast within the pen's appearance.Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Contort Black Cisele:
  • Matte black barrel and cap
  • Silver trim and grid-patterned cap design