Noodler's Inky Brew Pen and Ink Set

Noodler's Inky Brew Pen and Ink Set
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Conjure the inky spirits!Noodler's Ink is no stranger to the dark and grim themes behind the names of their colors. Proctor's Ledge is a prime example of a macabre ink - it takes its name from the site where 19 people were hanged during the Salem Witch Trials. A memorial to the victims that were unjustly murdered, the bottle label is marked with an illustration of the charged being hanged from a tree. The ink is equally as dark and sinister, exhibiting a rich black line with an undertone of brown. If absorbed and thinned out using a water brush, the color separates into a fiery red and fluorescent halo. To brew your own spooky cocktail of ink, mix in the milky fluid of Noodler's Ink Whiteness of the Whale. The 1oz bottle of ink can be used to tint other ink colors. By itself, the white ink disappears on paper and becomes visible only to blacklight exposure. Blending it with Proctor's Ledge creates a grey-brown color that becomes fluorescent under blacklight.The transparent Noodler's Konrad demonstrator is the vessel that permits you to play with these inks and test them in varying ratios. Write embellished, secret notes to friends, coworkers and classmates using the flex nib and the small Rhodia lined notepad. The LED Blacklight decodes the secret message.
  • (1) Noodler's Ink Konrad Demonstrator Fountain Pen with Steel Flex Nib installed
  • (1) 3oz Bottle of Noodler's Proctor's Ledge Ink
  • (1) 1oz Bottle of Noodler's Whitness of the Whale Ink
  • (1) LED UV Blacklight keychain
  • (1) Rhodia Lined 2 inch x 3 inch staple bound pad with orange cover