Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen in Blue with Palladium Trim - Broad Point

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Fortuna was the Goddess of Fortune the personification of luck according to the ancient Romans. Fortuna's identity as the embodiment of chance events was closely tied to virtues or strength of character. Public officials who lacked this quality invited ill-fortune on both themselves and Rome. At Montegrappa we strongly believe that luck is indubitably linked to virtue while education is the foundation onto which an individual develops and nurtures his or her innate talents. The Montegrappa Fortuna Shema Israel pays tribute to the Credo Shema Yisrael prayer of the religious culture. The barrel of the writing instrument is engraved with the prayer Shema Yisrael, proclaiming the main idea of Judaism - the unity of God and the indissoluble union of Jewish people with God. Fortuna Shema Israel is available as a fountain pen (cartridge/converter fed) roller ball and twist-action ballpoint pen. Special features of the Fortuna Shema: Cap: Star of David Front Section: The word life in Hebrew and pattern of interlaced Stars of David engravings Barrel: engraving of palm branch (symbol of peace) Nib: Star of David engraving Clip and Trim: Ruthenium