Acme Desk Pens Classico - Matteo Thun  Ballpoint Pen

Acme Desk Pens Classico - Matteo Thun Ballpoint Pen

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Acme Desk Pens Classico - Matteo Thun Ballpoint Pen - AC-P4MT01 MATTEO THUN was Born in 1952 in Bolzano/South Tirol. Studied under Oskar Kokoschka at the Salzburg Academy. In 1975 he was awarded his P.H.D. in architecture at the University of Florence Italy. In 1981 in collaboration with Ettore Sottsass he founded Sottsass Associati and the Memphis design group and between 1983 and 1996 he was Professor of Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Matteo Thun inaugurated his own Design Studio in Milan Via Appiani 9 in 1984. Thun represents the Second Generation of modern architects. Not easy to define from a stylistic point of view he differenciates his artwork from the other prominent signature-architectsof the eighties by his distrust versus settled thinking and working models. Matteo Thun has always avoided a defined identity neither in architecture nor in design because a specified identity would only put pressure on him to always create the same type of works. For his customers he looks for strategies able to multiply identities and not to concentrate on one and the same.

Material: rosewood