If you're reading this, you have probably received (or will receive) our seasonal Mystery Dip and are interested in the contents of the package we had sent.

Firstly, allow us to thank you for your trust and support in our business. Without it, the Mystery Dip would not exist. We're flattered that you entrust us to pick out high quality writing goods that you enjoy using. We plan these out weeks in advance and it gives us great pleasure to share the contents with you all.

The Fall Theme

With our previous Mystery Dips, we have gone with a color palette influenced by the seasons here in New Jersey. This one is no different, as we aimed to create a fall-themed box with the colors of autumn.

The main piece of this box is the Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange fountain pen. When it comes to nibs, we randomly chose from an assortment of extra-fine, fine or medium nib sizes. Now, we realize that not everyone will prefer the particular nib size that was sent over. This is an opportunity for you to possibly try something that is outside of your usual writing comfort zone. If you truly do not like the nib size, you could always contact us for an exchange.

The Loom is the highest quality pen that we've put in a Mystery Box thus far. It's German-made and sports a well-tuned stainless steel nib. It fills up using an international size ink cartridge or converter (sold separately here). Instead of fumbling with ink sample vials and filling with a converter, this time we opted for easy-to-use, plug & play ink cartridges from Diamine.

The pack of 5 ink cartridges included the following colors:

To complete the pen, ink and paper triad, we included a Clairefontaine Reporter style notepad for quick note-jotting. Whether on a hike, at a charity 5k or stashing this in your car's glove compartment, this notebook has got what it takes to be your trusty writing companion. Clairefontaine paper is excellent at handling fountain pen ink - one of the best papers world-wide.

Because we're so fond of our entire catalog of writing tools and we realize that many of you may appreciate modes other than the traditional fountain pen, we included the next two items to expand your variety of tools for mass creation.

The Cross Vice is an intriguing, double-ended pen design that uses two retractable gel ink cartridges. Most multi-functional pens will have the multiple points coming from one end, but it limits the type of refills you would be able to use to only the ballpoint style. This Vice pen uses the Ion gel ink refills, which are smooth flowing and rich, similar to a gel or rollerball type ink. We included two refills of assorted colors to start you off with. The pen itself can fold up while not in use to stow away for your convenience.

Bullet journalers, planner pros and lettering legends are no stranger to technology of the modern brush pen. The Tombow Dual Brush pens are some of the best and most popular pens on the market. A fluid, marker-like ink flows from a flexible brush tip on one end with a fine-pointed marker tip on the opposite end.

As part of the Mystery Dip, each box included one marker in an assorted color from the "Muted" palette, which reminded us of fall. If you would like a little basic tutorial on how to get the most from your brush pen, check out Tombow's video on YouTube below.

We hope that you enjoyed the contents of the Fall 2017 Mystery Dip. If you are anything less than enthusiastic about receiving your package, we encourage you to contact us right away so we can create a return authorization for you to send back the package for refund. If you have any comments or suggestions, we would also love to hear them so we can make future boxes even better.