Noodler's Ahab / Konrad Replacement Nib - Vented Flexible

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The Noodler’s Ahab/ Konrad replacement nibs are compatible with the Noodler’s Ahab and Konrad fountain pens. This nib is vented and flexible. Whether you are looking for the flexible nib that comes with the pen or to change it for a non-flexible nib or a calligraphy style nib, the Noodler’s Ahab/Konrad Replacement Fountain Pen Nibs is what you need.

Each nib is made from stainless steel and easy to replace or swap. Just pull the nib and fee straight out of the section of the Noodler’s Ahab or Konrad fountain pen, swap the old nib with the new and insert back into the pen

Available Sizes for Noodler's Ahab / Konrad Replacement Nib 

  • Vented Non Flex Fine Medium
  • Vented Flexible
  • Untipped Non-flex
  • Untipped Flex