Noodler's Art Pack of 5 Replacement Nib - Fits Noodler's Konrad and Ahab Fountain Pens

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The Noodler Art Nib pack is perfect for the artist, calligrapher or anyone seeking the perfect nib to fit their style. Each pack contain 5 nibs.

Nibs included (fit the Konrad and Ahab fountain pen):

  • 2 Un-tipped flex nib: Can be cut and shaped for a italic or custom angle nib. To smooth the edge use a 600+ grit polishing paper.

  • 2 Un-tipped Non-flexible nib: gives you the constant line width without the flex variation.

  • 1 Ahab / Konrad non flex nib

  • Perfect for the artist or calligrapher

  • Includes 5 different nibs

  • Fits Noodlers Konrad and Ahab fountain pens

  • Made in the USA