Ink Miser Intra Bottle Inkwell in Black

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The ink miser intra-bottle inkwell fits inside a 3 ounce glass or plastic fountain pen ink bottle. So easy to use, simply replace the cap, quickly turn the bottle over a couple of times, remove the lid and fill your fountain pen as usual.

Instructions for ink miser intra-bottle inkwell:

  • Open ink bottle and place ink miser intra-bottle inkwell into the 3 oz. bottle.
  • Replace ink bottle cap and screw on tightly leaving the miser in place.
  • Turn bottle upside down a few times allowing the ink to fill the miser.
  • Quickly turn upright and carefully remove the lid.
  • Place pen nib in the ink- filled ink miser and fill the pen with ink as usual.
  • Leaving your ink miser in place, you can replace the cap and secure tightly.
  • Wipe the pen with a dry cloth to remove excess ink.
Product Specifications
Weight: 3 g
Size: 55 mm high 26 mm wide
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Black