Colorverse Eye on the Universe Bottled Ink in Extreme Deep Field and NGC 1850 Glistening - 2 Bottle Set (65ml+15ml)

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The Colorverse, Season 7- Eye on the Universe are amazing interstellar inks. Each ink is inspired from the findings of the Hubble telescope. These inks introduce intense color variations, opening a new door to what is possible from fountain pen ink!

With multiple colors coming through in one ink, your writing will never be the same. Multiple shades, sheens and colors illuminate in one single stroke of a pen, creating never before seen color combinations. The eXtreme Deepfield is a deep teal color with reddish indigo sheen and the NGC 1850 is the best compliment of the eXtreme Deepfield Nasa image with lots of sparkle and shimmer on a bluish teal ink. 

The Colorverse Season 7 - Eye on the Universe bottle set includes:

  • a 65ml eXtreme Deep Field ink bottle and 15ml NGC 1850 Glistening ink bottle beautifully shaped like a teardrops
  • Brochure which includes all the Colorverse inks available
  • Eye on the Universe themed cardboard gift box
  • Stickers based on the ink colors, a bookmark and a paper pen stand
  • Colorverse tissues complete this set which let you clean your fountain pen nib.
  • Made and imported from South Korea