Noodler's Neponset Fountain Pen in Mandate from Heaven Acrylic - Music Nib

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Following the instant success of Noodler's introduction of their first Music nib fountain pen, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer of ink and fountain pens proudly presents the grand Neponset profile in a mesmerizing array of acrylic colors. This pen is fitted with a triple-tined music nib, named "Vishnu Victory” that allows a significant amount of line variation and flexibility from the surgical-grade stainless steel nib. Go from a very fine 0.4mm line to a wet 3mm line thickness with the proper pressure. The 3 fissure, ebonite music feed allows the ink flow to keep up with your writing. Assembled in Massachusetts from parts made in New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, and India. Each Noodler's Ink Neponset Mandate from Heaven Acrylic Music Nib Fountain Pen is unique due to the pattern variation in the acrylic.

Noodler's Ink Neponset - Fountain Pen -Mandate from Heaven Acrylic - Music Nib:

• Finish: Acrylic resin
• Trim: Silver
• Nib: Flexible Steel triple-tined music nib
• Filling System: Piston Filler
• Length Closed: 6 inches
• Length Posted: 7 inches
• Gift Boxed