Namiki Yukari Royale Collection Fountain Pen in Peony - 18K Gold

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The Yukari Collection collection transforms a traditional scene from nature into a striking fantasy. A peony plant produces glorious, stunning, large bloomed flowers and the bark of the plant was first harvested for medicinal use in Japan sometime during 500 BC by Buddhist monks. The magnificent beauty of the flower, however, attracted more attention than the medicinal value. Peonies in full bloom have been depicted around the world in elegant artwork and literature since ancient times. Specifically, in Japan there is a traditional discipline for flowers called Hanakotoba, which is translated to mean the “language using flowers.” Hanakotoba is an unspoken form of communication that uses florals for specific expressions of feelings. Peonies denote bravery, regality, and a distinguished presence.

This Yukari Royale fountain pen features the taka maki-e technique for both peonies’ blooms and leaves. Dancing around the peonies are beautiful, royal blue butterflies with raden (iridescent, multifaceted Mother-of-Pearl, which makes each pen unique) specially inlaid in the wings. Butterflies are naturally drawn to these flowers. Both the flowers and the butterflies showcased are expressed through togidashi-taka maki-e techniques (burnished-raised design applying a layer of lacquer, sprinkling gold or silver powder and drying with an additional lacquer layer to fix the powder). The background is the traditional black lacquer accentuated with gold powder.

Namiki Yukari Royale Fountain Pen in Peony Specifications

  • Finish: Lacquered Design Sprinkled with gold & silver powder
  • Cap: Black with Lacquered Designs & Gold Clip
  • Trim: Gold Trim
  • Nib: size #20 18K Gold Nib
  • Filling System: Cartridge Converter
  • Elegant Wooden Gift Box with signature card and instruction card
  • Technique: togidashi-taka maki-e
  • Artisan name: Misa Seki