Leonardo Momento Zero Grande MUSIS Fountain Pen in Stabia Ebonite with Rhodium Trim - 14kt Gold Nib

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Leonardo's Italian artisanship resurrects the ancient Roman and Samnite civilizations wiped out by Mount Vesuvius.The MUSIS ebonite limited edition has a classical design that finds inspiration in antiquity. Leonardo delicately crafted swirling rods of ebonite, pairing each unique color with gorgeous metal trims. The central cap band has a Greek-influenced geometric pattern derived from art of the period between 900 and 700 BC.

For discerning writers who prefer an oversized fountain pen, the Momento Zero Grande provides ample size and performance to match. The Grande improves ink flow with a custom, handmade ebonite feeder and a traditional piston-filling mechanism to hold 1.5ml of ink. A massive, no. 8 size 14kt gold nib provides oversized performance in smoothness and softness. The traditional ebonite material is hand-turned and polished to perfection. The tapered grip section provides ample comfort for long writing sessions. The vintage-style wheel clip attaches easily to your pocket or pen case.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Grande MUSIS Limited Edition Fountain Pen Specifications
  • Editon: 2021 Limited Edition (40 pieces of each color)
  • Pen Body Material: Solid, Hand-Turned Ebonite
  • Pen Length Closed: 5.94 in. / 151mm
  • Pen Length Open, Cap Off: 5.33 in. / 135.5mm
  • Pen Length Posted: 6.81 in. / 173mm
  • Cap Length: 2.67 in. / 67.7mm
  • Max Diameter (Pen): 0.66 in. / 16.7 mm
  • Section Diameter: 0.39 in. - 0.49 in. / 10mm - 12.5mm
  • Total Weight: 1.1 oz. / 31.18g
  • Nib: 14kt gold
  • Feed: Custom Ebonite
  • Filling Mechanism: Traditional Piston-Filling Mechanism
  • Gift Boxed with a complimentary 40ml bottle of ink
  • Made in Italy
  • Includes a full lifetime mechanical warranty