Lamy Safari 2015 Special Edition Neon Lime Medium Point Fountain Pen
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Item: L43-M

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"The ever-popular workhorse of a fountain pen, the Lamy Safari edition has expanded to include a new 2015 Neon Lime color fountain pen in medium." The Lamy Safari Collection continues to expand yearly with a new, yearly special edition. The 2015 special edition is the perky Neon Lime Green. Bright and refreshing, the Safari Neon Lime Green will make an excellent addition to your Lamy pen collection. The medium nib on the Lamy Safari writes a thicker line, more like a Western broad nib. The stainless steel nib is replaceable and additional nibs are sold separately. Arrives with one cartridge to start writing.
  • Sturdy ABS Body Material makes for a perfect every-day, workhorse of a fountain pen.
  • Ink Converter not included. Sold separately as part number LZ24
  • Stainless Steel Nib in medium point size.