Aurora Style Bk Barrel w/ Gold Plated Cap Br
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Item: AU-E08-B

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The name, Sole Aurea Minima, might translate from the Italian as "mini golden sun", and from the vivid yellow Auroloide, Aurora's name for its celluloid, to the special design sunburst clip crown, the new pen certainly states just that. Aurora elected to faithfully recreate the original Sole in a smaller size and stay consistent with the Mini format, staying away from the elaborate decoration seen on the Afrika and Asia Limited Editions. In that sense, the new edition is more like the 1994 red 75th Anniversary Limited Edition, the 1998 green Primavera Limited Edition and the bright blue 2000 Mare Limited Edition, essentially upfitted standard Optimas. Each of these editions uses a more vivid Auroloide than the standard Optima and each feature a unique engraving on the clip top.