3 Oysters I.COLOR.U Bottled Ink in Dancheong (Red) - 38 mL

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3 Oysters fountain pen inks are made to inspire you to write more and make the world your oyster. The I.COLOR.U represent the official colors of Seoul City. Made in Korea using beautiful colors and safe, stable formulas.The Seoul Colors collection features colors inspired by the historic city of Seoul. Each color represents the background of Seoul's history and environment. The bottles and boxes are decorated with traditional Korean designs and patterns.

3 Oysters I.COLOR.U (Seoul Colors) - Dancheong - 38ml Bottled Ink:

  • Color: Red representing the color of the King's Palace Red, most accepted color of Seoul Citizens
  • Water-based, dye-based ink
  • Non-permanent
  • Neutral pH (6-8)
  • Glass bottle
  • Tilted-corner bottle design for easy pen filling