Would You Hop a Ride on the Pen Express?

Are you from Northern / Central NJ (or New York) and would love to attend the Washington DC Pen Supershow this August?

Would You Hop a Ride on the Pen Express

We are looking to create the opportunity for you, and other pen lovers from the area, to take a day trip down to Sheraton's Premier in Vienna, VA to attend the United States' largest fountain pen exhibition on Saturday, August 11th. The proposed trip would depart at 6am Saturday morning from the Goldspot office at 1230 Highway 34, Aberden, NJ [Exit 120 on the Parkway] to arrive at the show around 10am. See the show, buy some pens, try some ink and go see the sights in DC. Come back to the Sheraton for a 5pm departure back to NJ. Depending on traffic, we would probably arrive back in Aberdeen around 9-9:30pm. It would be a nice, long day of drooling over pens, meeting folks who also love pens and...more pens.

We are currently sourcing and pricing charter buses in the area. In order to get an exact idea of price per person, we need your help to come up with an approximate head count. All we ask is for people who are interested in joining our pilgrimage is to comment below. There is no financial commitment at this point, we are just looking to gauge the interest of the local pen community. Once we have an idea of how many people we can expect, we will be able to provide pricing and flesh out the details. The timing and departure location is not set in stone, so if you are interested, but the schedule does not work for you, please advise what would best work for you.

You may comment here or leave a comment on the thread started on Fountain Pen Network.
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