What to Get Dad...

What to Get Dad...

Pops can be hard to buy for sometimes. How many mugs, ties and "#1 Dad" hats can he possibly own? Then again, if he's a pen enthusiast, how many pens can he possibly own before it's too many (perhaps a topic for another blog post..)? You may find yourself saying, "I can't get him ANOTHER pen this year!" If you're in the same boat, here are some questions you could ask while deciding what to get for dear ol' Dad.

What is his favorite of pen?
Give yourself a place to start. It might need repair or replacing. You may want to buy him another pen within that same brand. Or another of the same type (ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen).

What is his favorite color?
Helpful information to pick the color of a new pen or a new ink. Between Noodler's and Private Reserve, you can find an ink that will match the exact shade of the color he likes.

Is he always losing or breaking his pens?
A handsome wooden pen case or a portable leather pen case could be a better choice than simply buying him a new pen to lose/break.

Does he need more ink?
Even if he doesn't, sometimes its fun to switch colors every once in a while. Find compatible refills using our refill catalog.

Does he always have great ideas, but always forgets them later?
Check out a pocket Moleskine notebook. They are perfect for on-the-fly thinking and were the preferred notebook of such artists and thinkers as Van Gogh, Hemingway and Picasso.

Does he have a desk that could use some personality?
Jac Zagoory offers a line of pewter pen stands that instantly add flair and unique style to his desk-scape, while giving his pen a nice home to rest.

What if he has all that already?
If you want to get him something pen-related, but still can't decide or want to put the decision into his hands, give him the freedom of choice! Available in several denominations, you can buy a Goldspot Pens Gift Card.
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