What Level of Pen Addict Are You?

To use the words of the Pen Addict himself, Brad Dowdy, "There are worse addictions, right?"

"Sure there are," you tell yourself as you unzip your 36-pen case filled with every Retro 51 Tornado limited edition rollerball pen. Or, like Joshua from Pelikan's Perch, you could have every Pelikan M2xx produced, even the hard-to-find retailer exclusives. Perhaps you just got started and the scoff at the idea of falling down the rabbit hole, only to peek your head in to see how deep it really goes.

Curious to know the level of your addiction? Let's scroll down the rabbit hole...

A casual pen enthusiast values the writing experience of their modest selection of pens. After getting started with a solid performing pen like the Pilot Metropolitan or Lamy Safari, they're never looking back to the old days of scribbling notes with disposable bank pens and ones swiped from hotel rooms. Sure, there are more expensive pens out there, but why bother? These write great and aren't that expensive.
Examples (from left to right): Lamy Safari, Parker Jotter, Retro 51 Tornado, Pilot Metropolitan, Noodler's Ahab.

A semi-serious pen enthusiast has built up some experience in using quality pens in their everyday writing, note-taking, and journaling. At some point, the thought begins to manifest: "I wonder what else is out there?" After doing some searching, watching video reviews, and asking folks on an online pen forum, they land on a next-level pen that provides a pleasurable writing experience combined with an appealing style and design.
Examples (from left to right): Caran d'Ache 849, Laban Grecian, Monteverde Prima, Faber-Castell Ambition, and Waterman Expert.

A full-blown pen addict finds ways to justify spending the equivalent of a car payment on the latest limited edition pen in that gorgeous color with the unique filling system, and the specialty nib. They connect with other like-minded pen enthusiasts, often through social media or in person at a pen meet-up or pen show, to validate their addition. Well, that person has a Nakaya and I'm not that bad yet, right? Yes, yes you are. Join the club.
Examples (from left to right): Sailor Pro Gear, Pelikan M805, Platinum 3776 Century, Visconti Van Gogh, Aurora 88

So, which of the three levels of addiction do you see yourself in? Let us know in the comments below. While you're at it, enter in our giveaway for a pen that will satisfy your inner fountain pen geek. Be sure to enter soon. The entry deadline is July 31st, 2018 at 11:59pm Eastern US Time.