Weekend Pen Spotlight

This weekend's spotlight is brought to you by the new Visconti Homo Sapiens Collection:
Weekend Pen Spotlight This is a great chance to own a truly one-of-a-kind pen that features world-class Italian craftsmanship and innovation. The fountain pen features an exclusive 23kt solid palladium 'dreamtouch' nib available in a wide array of sizes (extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, double-broad and 1.3mm stub). We've seen this pen demo'ed at the Philadelphia Pen Show and the flex that the palladium nib provides is amazing. The power-filler quickly draws up a large supply of ink into the internal reservoir. This series could be considered as valuable as a limited edition, but is designed to be an everyday writer and priced to own. We are now taking pre-orders on a first-come, first-serve basis for early April delivery.


Bleubug talks about retractable fountain pens, notably the Aurora 98 and the Pilot Vanishing Point. There should definitely be more retractable fountain pens on the market. Fountain pen aficionados would know that the Lamy Dialog 3 came out last year to quite a severe degree of demand, despite its $300 price tag.

Apparently, Colorado Pen Direct has a hatred for Mommy Bloggers. This goes to show you that treating someone poorly, customer or not, has consequences for a business' image on the internet.

The Pen Addict gives the Tombow Air Press ballpoint pen a mixed review. The whole "write-anywhere and everywhere" ability of the Tombow (and Fisher pens, to be honest) is a nice novelty, but the quality of the writing tends not to be as smooth and easy as a normal ballpoint or gel ink. Personally, I don't find myself in a situation where I have to write upside-down, under water or atop Mount Everest.

German pen collector's club visits the Pelikan factory in Hanover.