Weekend Pen Spotlight

Finally, the floods have subsided in New Jersey and we've been treated with beautiful weather the last few days. Spring is coming and new releases are debuting every week on our store. Recently, we added the new Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Pens and Herringbone Pens. A quick note about the new Conklin : it is now being manufactured by the same company that brings us Monteverde. This means higher quality and new styles on the horizon. We've also added the Pelikan P58 Style, which is a sleeker version of the Pelikano. The new Lamy Studio Platinum is a nice addition to the line and the fountain pen uses a 14ct gold nib.

Office Supply Geek channeled his inner Tim Allen this week, literally "hacking" a gel refill to fit his Waterman Expert.

Half story about how he obtains his first Mont Blanc and a bit of a history lesson made the post on fountain pens over at Kaufmann Mercantile very intriguing.

I thought Lady Dandelion's British Triptych made for a very expensive, but elegant photoshoot.