Weekend Pen Spotlight

The big news last weekend was the signing of the controversial Healthcare bill. One of the intriguing (especially to pen fanatics) side stories that developed was when Obama signed the bill into law with 22 Cross Townsend Rollerball pens. Here is a video that goes a bit more "behind the scenes" of the signing.

All the President's Pens from White House on Vimeo.

Pen and Co wrote about the new Visconti "Dreamtouch" palladium nib. According to the representatives at Visconti, the company has exclusive rights to produce this type of nib for at least the next five years. It is this blogger's humble opinion that palladium is going to raise the bar for the entire fountain pen industry in terms of writing quality and luxury.

Creative writer Drops of Blood.. talks about encouraging the writing process by offering rewards of more pens!

Pocket Blonde does a book review of Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter. The title alone is intriguing and puts a smile on my face.

Scriblets writes in praise of the Lamy 2000, a pen design that was way before its time.