Weekend Pen Spotlight

This is the first issue in what we hope will be a weekly, Saturday morning digest of the most interesting pen-related articles, videos, blogs, pics and whatnot from around the web.

Fine Writing News
  • The Philadelphia Pen Show that took place last weekend received a notable write-up from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Fans who attended the pen show got their first peak at the "magma"-nificent Homo Sapiens collection from Visconti. Pre-orders have been flowing in for this pen as it builds steam with plenty of buzz from the pen community. According to their US distributor, we are about six weeks away from shipping the first orders.
  • A brand new import from Italy, OMAS debuts the Lamborghini limited edition fountain pen and rollerball. Made from aeronautic aluminum in stealth, matte black, the pen is limited to 1,963 pieces worldwide.
  • AT Cross will be introducing a brand new refill mechanism called "Switch It" that you may insert into any Cross ballpoint (that takes a standard Cross ballpoint refill) to convert it into a .7mm mechanical pencil. The refill is expected in Spring and will cost about $4.
Blog Reviews
  • Twitter user @Gongonzabar spotted a Lamy AL-Star (or Vista) Ball pen in the show "House."
Weekend Pen Spotlight
Pot Luck
  • Normally I don't think too much of posts that are submitted to freelance article websites, but this guide on Choosing the Best Pens to Engrave by Sharon Russell is very well written and insightful. A good idea to read through if you are deciding on buying an engraved pen.
  • For the pen enthusiast who is also talented with using Photoshop, PSD Tuts offers an article on how to create a realistic-looking fountain pen on the computer. The shape and proportions of the pen kind of looks funny, but you could make your own design once you get the basics down.
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