Weekend Pen Spotlight

In the spirit of the Oscar nominations being handed out this week, there are a few notes in this week's spotlight that feature nominations within the pen community.

Fine Writing News
  • The Seventh Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper debuted this week on School Supply Dance. Always an interesting mix of writing-related reviews, collections and other fun things that folks post on the internet
  • Some Parker Pen die-hards may have heard rumors that the Janesville, WI service center was closing and that all of the warranty services would have to go overseas to Europe. Not so. Only the street address had changed in Janesville. With the relocation, they pledge improved lead times for repairs.
  • Yafa, the US distributor of the writing brands Monteverde and Delta, has been honored with three nominations in the upcoming Pen World 2010 Reader's Choice awards. The Delta Evolution was nominated for the finest tribute to a historical figure. The Delta Dreidel was nominated for the best pen inspired by a cultural theme. Lastly, the Monteverde Invincia Multi-Function Executive is going up for the "most incredible value" award. The winners will be presented their awards at the NYC National Stationery Show in May.
Blog Reviews
Pen Spotting
  • Inspired by the impending Oscar nominations, Tiger Pens posted a video clip list of nominees for a fictional category of "Fight Scene with a Pen."
  • The Inkophile gets drawn to ads that feature a nice fountain pen. And I believe many other pen lovers do to.
  • I can remember the first time we received a large shipment from Noodler's that had the excess of "Fragile" warnings plastered all over one side of the box. It was certainly worth a chuckle. Pendemonium shared this photo of their latest shipment on Twitter:
Weekend Pen Spotlight
That's it for this week. NJ is getting hit with a big snowstorm this weekend, but our store is always open and accepting visitors at Goldspot.com.