Wednesday Pen Spotlight

Same great taste on a different day, we've moved the weekly pen spotlight from Saturday to Wednesday. Without further adieu, please enjoy the following assortment of writing and pen-related links.

Exaclair, Inc. had started a new segment on their blog called "The Writer's Project," which interviews writers around the world, getting them to talk about their process, inspiration and, most importantly, pens!

Okami has a recap of the Suncoast Fountain Pen Fanatics Meetup, complete with pen-filled slideshow. Meetups are definitely hard to find, but sound like a lot of fun.

Loved the hot/cold torture that OfficeSupplyGeek put his Uniball Power Tank Smart pen through. Not many people will test the manufacturer's claims and hold them to their word. Don't try it at home!

Although it is only available for Windows, Pelikan offers a beautiful screen saver through their main corporate website.
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