Wednesday Pen Spotlight

Lots of interesting articles and blog posts this week, so lets get right down to it:

Jackie from Letters & Journals proudly presents the new website launch of which will promote the future magazine of the same title. Check it out if you are interested in all things stationery and writing.

Whatever features an Edison Huron Bulb Filler review. Included in the post is a video of Brian, the master pen craftsman behind the Edison Pen Co., crafting the pen right before your eyes.

What's the use of a notebook? What am I going to do with it? Notebook Stories has tons of ideas to get you inspired to use your notebook like a Mental Swiss Army Knife.

The NY Times Magazine online has a great article written by a woman that is longing for the old days of using her Filofax Organizer in, "The Demise of Datebooks." Found through Notebook Stories blog.

For some fun with fountain pen ink, check out the artistic expressions of Leigh Reyes.

The coolest Crayola Crayon sculptures can be found on Doodler's Anonymous. Chisel Away!
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