Uh Oh, We're gonna need a bigger pen case.

I'm going to dangle this out there and see if you take the bait. Any time that a new Retro 51 Tornado Popper limited edition design is introduced, it's like throwing chum into shark-infested waters. A feeding frenzy ensues, leaving our stock of delicious pens exhausted. This predator-themed "Shark Alley" design will certainly be no exception, as the stonewashed, acid etched pewter design has plenty of "bite."

Uh Oh Were gonna need a bigger pen case.

Great Whites swim around the tapered barrel of this Retro 1951 Tornado. The acid etched design will undoubtedly yield a coarse texture (possibly to invoke the feeling of shark skin?). The stonewashed pewter finish has the rough, worn look of a salty old sea captain that has lived through a few close calls with these perfect predators.  You are going to need a new pen case.

Uh Oh Were gonna need a bigger pen case.

Each Shark Alley pen is individually numbered and encased in a commemorative tube packaging made especially for this edition. The edition is limited to 758 pens, significant for the year 1758 when Carl Linnaeus gave the Great White Shark its scientific name.

Uh Oh Were gonna need a bigger pen case.

The finial top is decorated with an amusing graphic of a sign you may see at a beach with a high shark population swimming in waters nearby. 

If you think this Retro 51 pen is a catch, we've got a special deal on this and any of our other Retro 51 Tornado popper pens. Purchase the Shark Alley and get a complimentary Retro 51 "Don't Worry Write Happy" notebook free with your purchase. This special is running until the end of March 2017. We will be accepting pre-orders from Tuesday, March 7th until we have them in-hand. We expect to have your orders shipped by Friday, March 10th. 

In case you're hunting for refills, this Tornado is loaded with the short Schmidt capless gel ink rollerball refill, which is Retro 51's part number REF5P (Black) or REF57P (Blue). Parker-style type ballpoint cartridges can also be used. Retro offers the Easy Flow 9000 refills to purchase additionally, which you may find in black or blue.

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