Top 5 Pens of 2010 Thus Far

Dear Pen Friends,

Wow, the first half of the year has gone by quickly, hasn't it? It doesn't seem long ago that we were shoveling ourselves out of 4 feet of snow. To bring you up to speed on the best, new pen releases this year, here is our Top 5 pens that debuted so far in 2010:
  1. Visconti Homo Sapiens - early front-runner for Pen of the Year, the Homo Sapien, also known as the "Lava Pen," embodies innovation with a rock-solid design that makes for a truly unique writing experience. To see more of why this pen "rocks," check out or Lava Fountain Pen review.
  2. Monteverde Invincia Stealth - Any customer can have a pen painted any color that he wants so long as it is black. A slight modification of a classic Henry Ford quote. The Stealth gives you ALL Black. Nib, front section, barrel, clip and trim all sport a polished, glossy black. Check out our friend Office Supply Geek's Review of the Invincia Stealth and check out our review of another Invincia pen in Black Pearl.
  3. Parker IM / Vector / Urban - This year, Parker is looking to reassert their well-known brand of writing instruments to the general public with their new model designs that fall within the $20 to $60 price range. We've reviewed a few of these pens, which will be posted on the blog this month, and are quite impressed with the value that these pens offer.
  4. Monteverde Prima - Affordable, colorful, well-made and nicely-balanced, the Prima is a great everyday writer that is in tune with a pen addict's budget.
  5. Lamy Studio Platinum Dark Grey - The extremely popular Studio line is always known for its quality in craftsmanship, artistic modern design and sensible price. Each year, it seems, Lamy spawns a limited edition color that is always a hit with pen enthusiasts. Continuing in the tradition of Pearl White, Violet, Bronze and now the Platinum Grey, Lamy never ceases to satisfy their fans. Check out our review of the Stainless Steel Studio and see for yourself why you should probably pick up one of these pens if you don't already own one.

As we get closer to the fall, we are sure to see more releases by the best brands in fine writing including Pelikan, Aurora, Montegrappa, Waterman and Visconti. Stay tuned to our blog and sign up for our e-mail newsletter to keep current on all the new releases.