Top 5 Pens for Young Writers

When we wrote about the Top 3 Pen Grad Gifts last week, the choices were a bit skewed toward graduates of high school and college. This list is more for the young-uns who are still learning to hone their skills of penmanship and might be starting their first diary/journal or mastering the 5 paragraph essay.

Top 5 Pens for Young WritersLamy Safari - Young or old, this sturdy, colorful writing companion is the hands-down favorite for all ages. Made of sturdy ABS plastic with a brass wire clip, this pen is made to take the abuse of children and still keep writing. The stainless steel nib on the fountain pen is one of the best values on the market. At $30 retail (or $23.95 at Goldspot Pens), the price is exceptional for a starter pen.

Top 5 Pens for Young WritersPelikan Pelikano Jr. - The Pelikano Jr is meant for an early writer. It features a thicker barrel and a molded-grip section that accommodates left- and right-handed users. The barrel and cap feature a frosty, semi-translucent plastic that is available in four vibrant colors. They also have a small, self-adhesive strip that your child can write their name on and wrap it on the pen barrel.

Top 5 Pens for Young WritersYoropen Superior - The uniquely designed Yoropen has been known to assist writers with everything from arthritis to early writing development in children. The pen forces correct hand posture and allows for longer periods of comfortable writing. Great for lefties who hate smearing what they write!

Top 5 Pens for Young WritersCaran d'Ache Metal Pens - Available in a wide array of metallic, colorful finishes. Each pen sports the smooth, reliable and long-lasting Goliath ballpoint refill. Diligent note-takers rejoice! The slim profile and easy, one-click mechanism makes it easy to carry this pen anywhere you go, including algebra class!

Top 5 Pens for Young WritersFisher Lacquered Chrome Bullet Pens - The legendary Fisher Space Pen refill, used by NASA and known for writing upside-down and in extreme weather conditions, is the heart of the bullet pen. The bullet closes to 3.7" in length and 5.3" when open and the cap posted on the back. Available in several vibrant color finishes.