Top 5 Pen Reviews of 2010

We're wrapping-up 2010 with some "best-of" posts that recap the last year of articles, news and reviews that have been showcased on this blog. Firstoff, the Top 5 Pen Reviews of 2010. What makes it the "tops?" We compared all of our reviews using visitor traffic as the measuring stick.
  1. Visconti Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen - Runner up to the 2010 Pen of the Year, the HS made a huge splash in the pen industry this year by introducing new pen-making materials and an epic theme.
  2. Lamy Studio Stainless Steel Fountain Pen - Among the best stainless steel fountain pens that you can find under $100, the Studio is a must-have in any pen collection.
  3. Pelikan m200 Italic Fountain Pen - Manufacturers have been big on italic this year, realizing that there are still people out there that want that additional flair to their writing.
  4. Parker Premier Silver Fountain Pen - One of Parker's biggest releases in the last several years, the Premier is poised to bring Parker back to prominence as a player in the pen market (say that three times fast). With their release of the Black Special Edition that has done very well at the end of this year, there is indication that the Premier has saved the brand from irrelevancy.
  5. Cross Affinity Crimson Red Fountain Pen - There's a lot to love about the Affinity. Cross actually decided to make a comfortable, inexpensive and smooth-writing fountain pen. Who knew they could do such a thing?
I know we've taken a bit of a break on pen reviews and haven't done one since September, but I promise there will be more to come, especially for 2011, and they are going to be more in depth and interesting to check out than ever before!