Top 5 Pen Articles on Goldspot Blog 2010 so far

Going along with our theme of looking back at the last six months, we've notably increased our posting every month to not only include product reviews and other company propagan-- er, I mean announcements, but other content such as articles on being a pen enthusiast and what pens mean to us individually and as a society.

I know, real deep stuff, right? Well, folks, here are the articles that you've read (and hopefully enjoyed) the most so far this year:

  1. How Does the Pen Addiction Start? - Usually anyone who is a lover of pens has been one from an early age. We go through how the addiction builds from a $1 Bic to a $500 MontBlanc. Lots of tongue-in-cheek humor and comparisons to actual drug addiction.
  2. Summer Pen Care - Whenever the mercury starts to rise in the steamy summer months, we always remember to water the plants, put on sunscreen and drink plenty of water, but what about your poor pens baking in that black crucible of a briefcase? We offer tips for your pens to stay cool (and usable) during the summer.
  3. Pres Obama Uses 22 Pens to Sign Healthcare into Law - Whether you're on one side of the fence or the other on this debate, we all can agree that 22 pens is A LOT of pens to use for one signature. We delve into the reasoning behind this Washington tradition and even feature a video of the signing taking place.
  4. Pens and the Age of Consumer Electronics - This is one of my favorites because of how I came about writing that post. I originally started by thinking about the newly announced iPad and how it was going to change the world of personal computing and communication in general. I was going to defend writing as a form of communication that will never cease to die...and then, I did a complete about face and ceded my argument to say, "you win, Steve Jobs, pen and paper is dead."
  5. Getting Things Done with Pen and Paper - As a big fan of the GTD mindset, I couldn't help but relate pen & paper to this popular system of organization by explaining a bit about my own process of note taking and list-making.
We hope at, the very least, you can have some cheap entertainment while reading these posts. There are sure to be more articles like these in the future as long as you keep reading them.
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