Top 5 Pen Articles of 2010

When we're not reviewing pens and inks, we are talking about writing, owning fine pens and what it means to be a pen enthusiast. Here are the Top 5 Articles of 2010 that you have voted on with your clicker fingers.
  1. Teaser of the Parker Premier Special Edition Black - It figures that the most popular article was also one of the shortest. I took a few shots with my cellphone when our Parker rep came for a visit to show off the new special edition Parker and thought that it would be a real blast for Parker fans to see a sneak peek of the pen before its release.
  2. Voting for Pen of the Year 2010 - In its third year, we're hoping that the Goldspot reader's choice POTY vote will be a fun and important staple in every pen fan's calendar come November.
  3. I have a HUNCH you don't know much about pens - Sometimes technology, i.e. the newest, whiz-bang, Google-killer needs to be put in its place. Check out our review on using Hunch to recommend a pen.
  4. Pen Spotlight - Noodler's Pens & Ink Samples - One of our grab-bag entries that discusses swabbed ink samples and the new Noodler's fountain pens.
  5. New Pen Buying Guide - One of the last few posts preceding our first Pen Show in October, this guide was meant to help those who would be looking to buy a new pen and may be intimidated by the process and the prices.
Any particular favorite articles that you have read this year? Please comment below and make me feel honored to have you as my reader.