The Introducing the ACME Hatch Pen - As Featured on WSJ

Although we could have used a product like this a few months ago when the flu was making its rounds across the country's schools and workplaces, the new ACME Hatch Pen ($104 on is a great writing instrument for those who take great care in minimizing their exposure to germs and other nasty microbes that can send you to the doctor. This antimicrobial pen is designed to kill bacteria and microorganisms that may linger on our hands. Surprisingly, it accomplishes this task with a very low-tech solution.

Much like how the traditional writing pen accomplishes the same written word as using a stylus on a fancy new tablet would, the Hatch Pen is designed around the innate properties of raw brass to kill microbes. No fancy polymers or nano-robots here, just simple, raw brass. See, within a few hours of contact with brass ions, bacteria and other unwanted microbes die. Simple as that! You can read more about the Hatch from the Wall Street Journal.

The product's designer, Karl Zahn, is known for creating products that combine contemporary materials and, often-overlooked, historical technology to build modern hybrids that solve problems of necessity using simple solutions that are more beautiful and sustainable.

The ACME Hatch Brass Antimicrobial Rollerball Pen is now available for Pre-Sale on Orders are estimated to be filled by mid-March.

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