The Facebook Traveling Pen Giveaway

The Facebook Traveling Pen Giveaway
Enter to Win a $25 Gift Card to
No purchase necessary. Gift Card not redeemable for cash.

Partly inspired by the "roaming gnome" prank and the recent Twitter pen & paper community topic #dailyarsenal, coined by @DIYSara, Goldspot Pens is conducting a month-long giveaway through our Facebook Fan page called "The Traveling Pen."

Pens can become office utensils, status symbols, travel companions, workhorses and confidants of our innermost thoughts, etc. We want to see how your pens fit into your life. Snap a picture of your writing instrument of choice in an environment that tells a story. For example, if you are always buried with paperwork at the office, you may want to take a picture of your Lamy 2000 resting atop a stack of papers that rest in your "inbox" on your desk. If you're a big Star Wars fan and love pens, take a shot of your MB Starwalker resting against a Luke Skywalker action figure as if it is his lightsaber. The more creative, the better.

Here's how we will run the Giveaway :
  • Entries must be submitted through our Facebook Fan page in the "Fan Photos" Album. If you are not a Fan yet on Facebook, Find us Here.
  • Upload a photo and title it.
  • Enter as many pictures as you would like from now until Wednesday, September 30th. The winning photo will be picked by the Goldspot Staff.
  • The winner will be contacted through Facebook to obtain their mailing address to send the $25 Goldspot gift card. The photo will also be published on this blog, with the photographer's consent, of course.
Some Ground Rules :
  • No inappropriate or pornographic images, please. If Facebook doesn't automatically delete them, we sure will. Goldspot reserves the right to remove any image that is found offensive.
  • Family members of Goldspot employees are ineligible to win the giveaway. Sorry, Dad.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash.
Judging Criteria :
  • Creativity
  • Photo Quality / Clarity
  • Representation of Theme
Have fun taking your pics! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and comment on this post.

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