The Cutting Edge : New Waterford Kilbarry Line

Now on sale at Goldspot is the Waterford Kilbarry Edge.

These pens are so new, we haven't received our initial order just yet, but we wanted to whet any appetites for this sleek series of writing instruments. Shaped and styled like their brothers, the Kilbarry Guilloche and Kilbarry Lined, the Edge offers the balance and feel of its predecessors with a lighter weight and a new look. The alternating grid pattern is etched into a pend body that is sculpted from solid aluminum. 

Of course, you can expect to see the classic Waterford "star pattern" cut into the top of each pen. The fountain pen uses a bi-color, gold-plated, stainless steel nib in medium point. You can also expect that the series is also available as a ballpoint pen and rollerball pen. The urban look of the etched grid is complemented with two modern, urban colors of semi-gloss black and gunmetal.

Each Kilbarry Edge is shipped in a deluxe, mahogany finish gift box. We are currently taking pre-orders and offering 20% off on all Kilbarry models, including free shipping for the fountain pen and rollerball of this series.

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