The 5th Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

The 5th Carnival of Pen Pencil and PaperImage courtesy of Zani

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up! The holidays are upon us. Santa is gassing up his sleigh and what better way to celebrate than a carnival! Welcome to the fifth Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper! No tickets necessary for these rides.

Editor's Picks

Inkyjournal has a unique Moleskine-compatible ink-rating system and featured a German fountain pen ink made of wine at De Atramentis Spatburgunder Ink Review.

There is a new Retailer Spotlight on Journaling Arts (the next host of the Carnival) over at Rhodia Drive.

To offer some thoughts on 2010 planners, Inkophile asks, "What Works for you?"

Pen Reviews

Brad offers an in-depth and insightful analysis of why you should own a Lamy Safari : A closer look at the Lamy Safari posted at Miscellany & Cacophony.

Julie (Okami) writes about a classic, Featured Pen - The Parker 51 posted at Whatever.

Notebook Reviews

Tom Overfield presents an unconventional, photographic review, Habana in my Cabana posted at Bleubug.

Eric gives a photo guide through the Exaclair Madness Reviews and Quo Vadis Habana Giveaway!!! posted at Mr. Sir's Blog.

Another happy Field Notes customer, Superpooky presents Field Notes posted at Trains, pens and planners.

The Office Supply Geek is eager to spread the word of these Ecosystem Environmentally Friendly Notebooks and save our planet, one notebook at a time.

User Collections

Sam shows off one of the largest, most complete Scripto collections in the UK : Scripto posted at Future; Nostalgic.

Julie resurrects a 70-year old fountain pen : Bringing a Wahl Back to a Proper Life posted at Peaceable Writer.

Taylor ponders the aesthetics and utility of her notebook collection. A Notebook Post: Addict Side v. Writer Side and Notebook Systems posted at I'm Not a Book Nerd, but I Play One on TV.

That concludes December's Carnival. Big thanks to the Carnival ringmaster, Notebook Stories. The next Carnival, the first of 2010, is hosted by Journaling Arts. It has been a pleasure reading all of the posts and I hope that everyone has a safe and healthy Holiday Season.