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4th of July Signature Specials

4th of July Signature Specials

This 4th of July Holiday, we're celebrating American independence and the spirit of innovation that drives us to achieve success.This week only, ...
Top 5 Pens and Inks of 2017 so far

Top 5 Pens and Inks of 2017 so far

The Summer is usually the time of year when there's a lull in the world of pens. Most manufacturers are gearing up for back-to-school & 4th qu...
Retro 51 Slim Tornado & Desk Sets Spring 2017 Designs

Retro 51 Slim Tornado & Desk Sets Spring 2017 Designs

Looking for that perfect writing implement to accessorize your colorful planner or journal? Retro 51's Slim Tornado may be a perfect fit with its t...

Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado

It's no secret that the Goldspot office has a love affair with coffee. Most mornings, one can smell the first pot being brewed before getting in the door.

So, when we were discussing the design of an exclusive collaboration with Texas-based Retro 1951, we thought an ode to the mighty bean was in order.

Retro 51's Tornado twist-action rollerball pen has rapidly become an iconic writing instrument,...

What Should be the Pen & Ink of the Year 2015?

Hey Pen Lovers,

Need your help in putting together a nominations list for Pen of the Year 2015.

Every year, we (Goldspot Pens) run a "reader's choice" vote for Pen of the Year. We set up a poll online of all the nominees during the first week in November, coinciding the the US Election Day.

Last year, Edison Pen Co completed a 4-peat with their 2014 Pen of the Year, the Glenmont limited edition.


This Just In - Hot Retro 51 Summer Pen Releases

This summer, Retro 1951 is making a splash with its new editions, including a limited sterling silver pen and a special, numbered Tornado to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the company.

Vintage Metalsmith Tornado Juliet
Retro 51 has fallen in love with designs that give the feeling of antique or rustic quality. The Juliet gives the impression of a tree design with a heart and arrow going through...

Get them Before they Pop Off the Shelves - Retro 51 Bandit Tornado Pens

The latest Limited Edition from Retro 1951 is the Bandit Popper. Each of the three colorful bandana design pens are limited to 300 pieces worldwide. The Popper Editions sell out very quickly, and we do have a limited supply, so be sure to spur your horse and get to buying one of these pens before they vanish into the desert, partner.

Retro 51 Tornado pens are refillable using either the short...

Pen Spotlight - The Beatles, Disney and a Montblanc Kills a Macbook

Congrats to Retro 51 for winning the North American Global Stationery Product of the Year - 2010! As you can imagine, Disney licenses Mickey and friends to an awful lot of consumer products. Retro 51 has done a praiseworthy job at infusing the Disney characters with their vintage, nostalgic designs.

I had to chuckle when I read this article from TechCrunch called Yep, Montblanc killed my Macbook...

Retro 51 Harley Davidson Flathead Pen Review

Git yer motor runnin'. Retro 51 presents their licensed Harley Davidson line of pens, which are inspired by the brand's motor-head aesthetics. Don't take it for granted if you're not a fan of the motorcycle, these pens are much more than just a renown name. Take the Flathead pens for example. These compact ballpoint pens go beyond the biker appeal.

The Flathead is a great take-along pen. Small...