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What to get the Grad - 2017 Pen Gift Guide

What to get the Grad - 2017 Pen Gift Guide

A graduation gift marks the achievement of learning. It gets us ready for the next step while acting as a sentimental memento to honor how far we'v...

Marrying Fountain Pens and Paper with the Cloud

This is a guest post by Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D. You can find him on twitter @assistivetek and his blog

As much as I enjoy my digital tools there is just something about using pen and paper that still feels just right! For the past couple of months, I have gotten back to using fountain pens in my work flow and have really enjoyed using a variety of fountain pens and ink...

Top 5 Blue Pens to Cure the Blues

Blue, Blue & More Blue

Looking over all the new pens that have been launched by the greatest pen-makers like Pelikan, Pilot, Conklin and more, we've noticed a great deal of blue this year. Without further adieu, let's check out all the awesome blue pens that are currently available :

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Blue Fountain Pen (View)
2016's latest line extension of the ever-popular Pilot Vanishing...

The Write Stuff Clairefontaine Notebook Giveaway

So, we've got this little newsletter we do once a week called "The Write Stuff." This week, we're writing up issue #52, which means we've done this for about a year now. A giveaway is in order!

At over 29,000 active subscribers and growing, we're eager to hit that 30k milestone. In case you haven't heard of us, or have been reluctant to get YET ANOTHER E-MAIL from a online retail company, please...

#WriteitWednesday - Quote from your Favorite Book

Yesterday was National Librarian's Day. Inspired by these stewards of the printed word, our #writeitwednesday challenge for today is to write a quote from your favorite book.

Sirens of Titan, Kurt Vonnegut

Share the pic of your entry on Instagram or Twitterwith the hashtag #writeitwednesday and mention @goldspotpens to make sure we see it! You may also opt to e-mail us the picture at...

April 2013 Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

Welcome and step right up.

We're proud to host the April 2013 edition of the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper. These are posts freshly picked from the wild of the internet blog-o-sphere that stoke your love of the writing process and its materials. Check them out! Maybe you will find a new blog to follow, a new pen to lust after or just a plain ol' good read.


dowdyism presents My...

When I see a Notebook

When I see a notebook...

When I see a notebook, I think of the stories that have yet to be told.
The notes that have yet to become ideas fully manifest.
An unrequited love, a terrible shame to bear.
Loops, swoops and curls. Writing for writing's sake.
Some thoughts that barely make it out of the pen, only to be erased.
Proud moments in our lives that remind ourselves the struggle is worthy.
I see the...

Finally, A Finished Moleskine

The crowd was wildly untamed that late March afternoon. Preparations were made earlier that day for a celebration that would be remembered through the ages. Balloons were netted, confetti corked, the champagne put on ice. The police could hardly hold the barricades up as the climax of the event was about to take place.

I was about to write my final words in this God-forsaken Moleskine journal.


Tom Needs Your Help!

Our very own Tom O. from the graphic department entered an e-mail design contest and was selected as a top 10 finalist! He needs your help to make it to #1! Voting on the top 10 designs is taking place now until Jan 31st.

Please click the following link :

Then, click the "like" button to vote on Tom's Design, which is called "Hand Drawn...

Pen Spotlight - Veni, Vidi, Voting

While voting for Election 2010 has now concluded, voting for Pen of the Year 2010 continues until Tuesday, November 9th. Cast your Vote for your favorite pen.

A pair of spotlight posts come from OfficeSupplyGeek, who was nice enough to take the time to visit and buy some products at our Pen Trunk Show back last month. In a post about our show, he writes about the Montegrappa Muhammad Ali and new...

Pen Spotlight - Nice and Crap Notebooks

Yes, this is a "pen spotlight" post, but I just happened to find a few blogs that were talking about notebooks in the last few weeks that I found interesting to share with our pen crowd. Most notably, Notebook Stories sparked a discussion about the importance of having a crap notebook. Especially check out the comments below the post. Seems that most people have both nice & crap notebooks, each...

See Your Decisions Through

An article by Clive Thompson in the most recent issue of Wired Magazine inspired this post. In his article, titled "Think Visual," he explains that our society hangs its hat on using words to describe complex topics and decisions when it really should be drawing pictures.

He writes that "dynamic, complicated problems - like global warming and economic reform - often can't be boiled down to simple...