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Writer's Showcase of New Pens - May 2017

Writer's Showcase of New Pens - May 2017

It's Thursday, May 11th. Typically, I (Tom) would be getting ready to broadcast the live Writer's Showcase on the Goldspot Facebook page. This week...

Because Anything Less Than a MontBlanc Won't Do

Over at our sister site,, we pride ourselves in being able to offer compatible refills for all the most popular fine pens, including proprietary makers like Lamy, Parker, and Caran d'Ache, etc. Since the site was launched in 2010, we have offered Monteverde for MontBlanc refills that are compatible with the standard-size MontbBlanc ballpoint and rollerball. With a combination of...

Alternatives to buying a Mont Blanc

If the snowflake matters most, then there's no replacing the need to buy a Mont Blanc.

However, if writing quality, style and value matter more, then we can certainly help you find a holiday pen gift that has a Mont Blanc "style" for hundreds of dollars less. Here are some suggestions :

Waterman Expert III

The newest generation of Expert is here. Classic cigar-shape profile, weighted brass inner...

Vote for the 2011 Pen of the Year

We asked the lively folks on the Fountain Pen Network forum to weigh in on their recommendations for nominees in this year's 2011 Goldspot Reader's Choice Pen of the Year. After 56 replies and some deep contemplation, here are your nominees that are in the running for the prestigious honor :

Weekend Pen Spotlight

In worldwide pen news, courts in India snubbed Montblanc and halted sales of the limited edition Ghandi pen. Critics of the expensive pen argue that it is "an inappropriate way of honouring a man who is known for his austerity."

In an op-ed piece for the St. Louis Suburban Journals website, Mike Williams champions for the lost art of using pen and paper.

Pen friend and fellow blogger Officesupplygee...