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Top 5 Pens and Inks of 2017 so far

Top 5 Pens and Inks of 2017 so far

The Summer is usually the time of year when there's a lull in the world of pens. Most manufacturers are gearing up for back-to-school & 4th qu...
Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen Preview

Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen Preview

Prepare for your jaws to be dropped and your wallet to scream. Pelikan's 2017 Raden limited edition is as stunning as it is regal. The M800 Royal G...

Ciao, OMAS!

The worldwide fountain pen community expressed a collective, solemn lament as news broke that Italian pen-maker OMAS, after celebrating its 90th anniversary last year, had become defunct. It was an outcome that we all hoped would be avoided with an 11th hour intervention. There were buyers that were looking to save the company and keep the doors open. Unfortunately, the deals had fallen through...

OMAS 90th Anniversary Icons Celluloid Set Review

So, there's a lot going on over at OMAS that serves as a pretext to this 90th Anniversary celebratory set. Presently, the Chinese holding company that owns 90% of the Italian pen company want to liquidate the company. To save it, the employees at OMAS are making a bid to take back the company. The OMAS US distributor has indicated that two companies are interested in purchasing the company.

We wish...

Cast Your Vote for 2015 Pen & Ink of the Year

Today is Election Day 2015, and the first official day open for voting on the Goldspot Pens Readers' Choice Pen of the Year.

Voting is currently open until Fountain Pen Day, Friday at 10am Eastern US Time. At that time, the polls will close and we will release the results later that day.

Our previous winners include : 
  • Edison Glenmont 2014 Limited Edition (2014)
  • Edison Menlo Fountain Pen (2013)
  • Edison...

OMAS Ogiva Cocktail Limited Edition Fountain Pen Review

Go ahead and sit while I fix you a drink. What'll it be?

OMAS Ogiva Cocktail : Blue Angel, Vodka Lemon & Bloody Mary

Some prefer a mixed cocktail to unwind and loosen their tongues. I think you'll agree that a beautiful fountain pen in hand is as enjoyable to hold and is capable of the same effect.

In particular, the 2015 limited edition from OMAS is intoxicating and absolutely irresistible for...

Visconti Millennium Arc 2015 Edition Sneak Peek

I'm going to precede this article with a disclaimer : I've lusted after the original Visconti Millennium Arc I, II & III fountain pens that were released at the turn of this new century (hence the name).

I don't have an original photo, but the originals were a limited edition that are rare these days, but some are available used or new if you hunt for them on the 'net. Combine the style of the Homo...

Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Sneak Peek

You can imagine how our faces lit up when we received a special package from Pilot with the new 2015 limited edition Twilight Vanishing Point inside. We shared some images from Pilot a couple weeks back when news first broke about this ombre color fountain pen. We think its a real stunner and, as far as we've seen from the reaction online, a lot of you think so as well.

Most of you who are lusting...

New 2015 Pilot Metropolitan Retro, VP Limited Edition Twilight, Iroshizuku Mini Bottles

I have my credit card out and ready for Pilot to take more of my fountain pen monies.

This Fall, we're anticipating this year's 2015 Vanishing Point limited edition, along with all-new colors for the Metropolitan (MR) line and super adorbs Iroshizuku ink bottles.

The 2015 limited edition Vanishing Pointis called "Twilight" and has a ombre style gradient that blends from a chilly ice blue to a royal...

The $10,000 Montegrappa Q1 Fountain Pen - a 360 Look

When a $10,000 fountain pen comes walking through your door, it's hard to resist sharing the hands-on experience.

You may have heard about the Montegrappa Q1 back when it made a flashy debut in Baselworldearlier this year. A fountain pen that can change ink color at will. At first, one could imagine that this is a "game changer" of a pen. The idea of being able to change ink colors on the fly would...

This Just In - Hot Retro 51 Summer Pen Releases

This summer, Retro 1951 is making a splash with its new editions, including a limited sterling silver pen and a special, numbered Tornado to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the company.

Vintage Metalsmith Tornado Juliet
Retro 51 has fallen in love with designs that give the feeling of antique or rustic quality. The Juliet gives the impression of a tree design with a heart and arrow going through...

First Look : Waterman Ombres et Lumieres Special Edition

Waterman, Paris introduces the 2015 special edition Ombres et Lumieres to follow up their 2014 Blue Obsession line extensions of their most popular pen models. This time around, the Carene, Perspective, Expert III and Hemisphere get a noir makeover inspired by the chic Parisian fashion trends that focus on the interaction of light and shadow.

The glossy black lacquer seems to dissolve into the...