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Sailor 1911 Fountain Pen Buyer's Guide

Sailor 1911 Fountain Pen Buyer's Guide

Konnichiwa pen pals, We're excited to talk about the latest Sailor 1911 North American exclusive - Anchor Gray. Sailor is following up the baby blu...

Sailor 1911S Highlighter Fountain Pen & Ink Set

Wowzas. This bright combo from Sailor sure is hard to miss! This 1911S is fitted with a 14kt gold Music nib so you can use it like a broad-tipped highlighter.

Limited to 50 pieces brought into the United States. At the time of this writing, we only have 6 sets available in our store. SHOP NOW.

The ink bottles are available separately, so if you already have a music or stub nib, you can purchase the...

Sailor 1911S & 1911L - A Comparison

For two pens that essentially look identical, there's a lot to say in regards to Sailor's most popular line of fountain pens. Made in Japan, the 1911 is named after the founding year of this globally recognized manufacturer of luxury writing instruments.

The 1911 model is available in two different variations - the 1911S and the 1911L. As described in our video comparison, the 1911S isn't "small,"...

New Sailor Pens on the Horizon - Pro Gear Galaxy & Sai-bi Togi


Sailor Pro Gear Slim Sai-bi Togi

New pens from the Land of the Rising Sun includes one that contains an entire galaxy of stars. Also, if you thought extra-fine was enough fineness, prepare yourself for SUPER EXTRA FINE in only a way that the master nib craftsmen at Sailor can produce. Only Sailoris capable of fine-tuning a smooth-writing, super-extra-fine, solid gold nib with a 0.1mm tip. The...