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Noodler's Ink - House / Divided 2017 DC Pen Show Color

Noodler's Ink - House / Divided 2017 DC Pen Show Color

Amidst the craziness of the 2017 D.C. Pen Show weekend, Noodler's Ink had released a brand new color called House / Divided. The ink was introduced...
Writer's Showcase of New Pens - May 2017

Writer's Showcase of New Pens - May 2017

It's Thursday, May 11th. Typically, I (Tom) would be getting ready to broadcast the live Writer's Showcase on the Goldspot Facebook page. This week...
Sailor's Original Jentle Inks Revived!

Sailor's Original Jentle Inks Revived!

I jumped for jubilant joy when I saw this e-mail appear in my inbox this morning from Itoya, Sailor's US distributor. Although I'm still working of...

How to Pronounce J. Herbin's Caroube de Chypre

Fountain pen enthusiasts have come to embrace the craze that has become J. Herbin's 1670 ink collection with open arms. Every year, a new ink has caused upstanding pen lovers to geek-out over the sparkle, saturation, shading and sheen of the 1670 Anniversary inks.

For 2016, J. Herbin has brought us a warm brown ink that is inspired by carob pods from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This ink is...

Top 5 Blue Pens to Cure the Blues

Blue, Blue & More Blue

Looking over all the new pens that have been launched by the greatest pen-makers like Pelikan, Pilot, Conklin and more, we've noticed a great deal of blue this year. Without further adieu, let's check out all the awesome blue pens that are currently available :

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Blue Fountain Pen (View)
2016's latest line extension of the ever-popular Pilot Vanishing...

Sailor 1911S Highlighter Fountain Pen & Ink Set

Wowzas. This bright combo from Sailor sure is hard to miss! This 1911S is fitted with a 14kt gold Music nib so you can use it like a broad-tipped highlighter.

Limited to 50 pieces brought into the United States. At the time of this writing, we only have 6 sets available in our store. SHOP NOW.

The ink bottles are available separately, so if you already have a music or stub nib, you can purchase the...

Introducing Pelikan 4001 Dunkelgrün Dark Green Ink

tl;dr... Pelikan has released the new Dunkelgrün Dark Green 4001 ink to replace the Brilliant Green, which is now discontinued.

The Pelikan 4001 ink series stands as one of the most reliable set of colors for your fountain pen. Not only are the recommended for optimal performance of your Pelikanpen, they are also safe for many other plunger-filling, converter type fountain pens as well. The 4001...

What Should be the Pen & Ink of the Year 2015?

Hey Pen Lovers,

Need your help in putting together a nominations list for Pen of the Year 2015.

Every year, we (Goldspot Pens) run a "reader's choice" vote for Pen of the Year. We set up a poll online of all the nominees during the first week in November, coinciding the the US Election Day.

Last year, Edison Pen Co completed a 4-peat with their 2014 Pen of the Year, the Glenmont limited edition.


3 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Pen Club Meetup

Pelikan Hubs Swag!
Last Friday, we were honored to participate in Pelikan Hubs, a worldwide event that gathered pen enthusiasts from all over the globe to celebrate the revered Pelikan brand. At 6:30p local time, registered pen addicts congregated to their respective meetup locations in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Madrid, Toronto and beyond....

The Story on Sailor Storia Pigmented Inks (Review)

Sailor (Japan) is known by many as the manufacturer of high quality, gold nib fountain pens, hand-tuned and inspected by masters of their craft. It is not a common fact that Sailor also has an entire division dedicated to brewing specialty fountain pen inks. Building upon the popularity of their Jentle line of fountain pen inks available in the US, Sailor has introduced the pigmented Storia line...

Noodler's Ink Bottle Changing from Glass to Plastic

Today, Nathan Tardiff, the Willy Wonka of our niche fountain pen ink market, has announced a drastic change within the Noodler's Ink lineup of bottled inks. The iconic 3oz glass bottle may be no more.

As Nathan talks about in his You Tube video, changes within the glass bottle vendors he used to source the Noodler's bottles have forced his hand to make a decision : either switch to a smaller glass...

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen Review

Prior to 2012, the market for beginner fountain pens was dominated by Lamy's Safari, AL-Star and Vista pens. Then, the Pilot Metropolitan (MR), a.k.a. the Cocoon, landed onto the scene and easily became a favorite among fountain pen beginners and established writing enthusiasts alike.

Originally, the styles of the Metropolitanwere limited to only a black, gold and silver-color metallic finishes....