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Retro 51 Slim Tornado & Desk Sets Spring 2017 Designs

Retro 51 Slim Tornado & Desk Sets Spring 2017 Designs

Looking for that perfect writing implement to accessorize your colorful planner or journal? Retro 51's Slim Tornado may be a perfect fit with its t...

2016 Clean Off Your Desk Day

Some of us may not be so fortunate to start off our 2016 resolutions on the right foot. Your plate may still be filled with things left-over from 2015. To get a fresh start on our productivity, there is the unofficial holiday, "Clean Off Your Desk Day."

Every 2nd Monday in January, Clean Off Your Desk Dayserves as a yearly reminder to keep our workspace simplified and our priorities straightened to...

Welcome Woodessen to the Goldspot Store!

Hello fellow Goldspotters,

We would like to formally introduce Woodessen to our selection of fine writing and luxury products. With other pen manufacturers offering less in the terms of desk sets or pen holders, we were lucky to find the folks at Woodessen at the National Stationery Show back in May of this year.

Most of their wood desk sets feature American Walnut, which is known for its stability...