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What to get the Grad - 2017 Pen Gift Guide

What to get the Grad - 2017 Pen Gift Guide

A graduation gift marks the achievement of learning. It gets us ready for the next step while acting as a sentimental memento to honor how far we'v...

Top 5 Beginner Fountain Pens (and Top 3 for the Risk-takers!)

So, you want to try out a fountain pen, or two...

The single most common question we get from intrigued fountain pen newbies is "which is the best, first fountain pen?" -- and this post should help narrow that down for you. 

As you venture into the fountain pen world, you'll soon notice that much of the appeal of these pens is how personal they can be; my idea of a perfect pen might have a fine nib...

A Guided Tour of Modern Fountain Pens

Getting into fountain pens can feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole. It's exciting to discover a world exists that flies in the face of modern technology. It's as if you've grown up your entire life shopping at Barnes & Noble and then realized that libraries existed - and that people still go to them!

If handwritten posts on social media have your interest piqued, then this post is what you...

Goldspot's Social Lamy Bundle Giveaway

Lucky for you, June's newsletter giveaway prize went unclaimed!

That means everyone with a twitter or facebook account can now enter this giveaway! The odds are certainly now in your favor to win this Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Starter Bundle ($60 retail value).

 Here is How to Enter (no purchase necessary) :

  1. Click over to our page on Facebook or Twitter
  2. Find the link to this giveaway post. It should...

5 Best Beginner Fountain Pens

If you're getting back into the old-fashioned way of writing by using a fountain pen, there is a core curriculum, a "required writing" of pens that every fountain pen enthusiast can start with to re-kindle the love of writing.

Lamy Safari
The Safari is like the marijuana of pens. It's the gateway for many, while others will swear by it and buy every color that comes out, including the new 2011...